Net Income Lave om
Agricultural Bank of China 601288:CH CH 70.75B 16.28B
AIA Group 1299:HK 4.18B 937M
Bank Of Beijing 601169:CH CH 4.04B 1.56B
Bank Of China 601988:CH CH 57.75B 7.04B
Bank of Communications 601328:CH CH 23.34B 115M
Bank Of Nanjing 601009:CH CH 5.01B 1.12B
China CITIC Bank 601998:CH CH 17.35B 3.47B
China Construction Bank 601939:CH 88.74B 18.38B
China Everbright 601818:CH CH 11.75B 3.43B
China Life Insurance 601628:CH 15.18B 7.65B
China Merchants Bank 600036:CH CH 36.02B 9.72B
China Merchants Securities 600999:CH CH 1.49B 1.65B
China Minsheng Bank 600016:CH CH 13.72B 14.83B
China Pacific Insu 601601:CH CH 5.44B 1.29B
CITIC Securities 600030:CH CH 5.23B 225.41M
Haitong Secur 600837:CH CH 1.5B 499.84M
Hong Kong Exchanges 388:HK K$ 2668M 6M
Huatai Securities 601688:CH CH 2.21B 83.19M
ICBC 601398:CH CH 90.63B 5.88B
Industrial Bank 601166:CH CH 27.58B 8.94B
New China Life 601336:CH CH 1.34B 1.65B
Ping An Insurance 601318:CH 20.66B 2.98B
Postal Savings Bank of China Co Ltd 601658:CH 24.98B 13.31B

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